Issue 06:


Aspiration and Isolation

Redding California’s attempt at a Bilbao Effect

by Christopher Nelson (MAUD ‘20)

About 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, Redding, California is a small, relatively unknown city nestled away in the rural, conservative hills of Shasta County. It has always been ideologically and geographically separate from the rest of the state, content in its isolation.…

Contesting the Christmas Tree

Re-Presenting the Representational Tree

by Samuel Maddox (MDes ULE ’19)

If you plan on buying a Christmas tree this year, you should probably consider lowering your expectations and raising your budget. Just last year, Christmas trees were not only harder to find, they were also the most expensive…

You, Me, and the NSA


by Mark D. Heller, MLA I-MUP ‘19

The NSA is listening. To you, to me, to entire countries at a time. Through its tapping, intercepting, recording, and querying, the NSA is eroding our capacity to freely search, communicate, and even move throughout space. It is through these mediums we signal our curiosities, fears, hopes, and passions – the very sentiments that make us human…

Is the Planner a Tastemaker?

The hypocrisy of planning

by Radu-Remus Macovei (MArch I and MUP ’20)

“The planner is not a tastemaker,” asserted Sara Myerson, Boston’s Director of Planning, in a roundtable discussion at the GSD’s Big City Planners program this past October 2018. In one concise and precise statement, Myerson.…