Issue 05:


Murder and the Remaking of a Territory

by Adelle York (MDes ULE ‘19)

The extent of Oklahoma’s state sovereignty currently rests on the outcome of a 20th century capital murder case.

 In 1999, Patrick Dwayne Murphy was convicted of the murder of George Jacobs in an Oklahoma court and was, as is state law, sentenced to death. Both men were citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and the defense claimed…


Tokyo’s Borderless Urbanism

Transit-Oriented Development leading the cultivation of urban fabric

by Hiroki Kawashima (MAUD ‘19)

Tokyo has been cultivating its borderless urbanism with one of the most intensive railway networks in the world.  I believe that Tokyo’s model of transit-oriented development (TOD) associated with this railway network…

Last reminiscences of the past.jpg


The last reminiscences of the past

by Bastien Misandeau (Undergraduate, ENSA Marseille)

The shoreline is a border between the earth and the sea that acts as a physical projection of the unstable balance between both expanses. From the jagged rocks to the subtle curves of the beaches, the shoreline…


Unreal Property

by Isaac Stein (MLA II, MDes R+R ‘20) and Maggie Tsang (MDes ULE ‘19)

“From a point on the South line of Bienville Boulevard, that is coincident with the West line of Block “T”, run thence Westwardly along the South line of Bienville Boulevard a distance of 160 feet to a point;…”

An Unfamiliar Home

Aleppo and the plight of its people

by Lamia AlMuhanna (MLA I AP ’20)

Time passes, the destruction continues, confusion and fear persist.
Syria today is a country that has been torn asunder. Racked by unrest and violence, the nation has become a flashpoint in international politics with no end in sight to a conflict that has defined the country…

Has this train changed direction?

Some thoughts on an absent boundary

by Guy Trangoš (DDes)

‘Wait!' Franz leapt out of his seat and stared at the indicator panel. 

‘What's the matter?’ someone opposite asked.