Issue 04:


In Conversation with Chelina Odbert


Inclusive Futures

Technological Advances, Urban Equity,
and Urbanism Representations

By Melissa Gutiérrez (MIT SMarchS Urbanism ‘20), Chen Feiyue (MIT SMarchS Urbanism ‘20)

Urbanism is, in its nature, futuristic. Urbanists envisage the framework of the unestablished and rationalize it to a point that it could be, hopefully, suitably contextualized in a society for the following decades.We’ve been talking about futures…

Re-signifying the right to the city in the digital age

When public spaces become not public, what are the possible means to reassure their primordial civic function?

By Camila Huber (MAUD/MLA I AP 20’) 

One day, in a casual conversation, I had a hard time trying to explain to a friend studying engineering why real estate rules should not regulate demographic patterns of a city. We heatedly debated why residents should not be continually pushed…