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Issue 03:


In Conversation with Antoine Picon


Redefine the New Normal: Reinterpret the Obsolete

Designer’s Role: City building through the lens of reinterpretation and selective negotiation

By Tatum Lau (MAUD ‘19)

As an architect and urban designer, one is reminded daily to redefine open and public spaces under the market of modern development. To adapt to new technological progress and restraints, several architectural features are replaced with anti-spatial elements. Plazas are replaced by Amazon…

Art and Participation in Jardim Colombo

A culture-oriented approach towards the transformation of a community in the margins

By Antonio Moya-Latorre (MCP ’19, MIT)

The community of Jardim Colombo is a neighborhood of 20,000 inhabitants located 7 miles to the West of São Paulo’s city center. It has been witnessing for the past 15 years, the turning of Fazendinha, a 1,000 square meter piece of land that used to be a little farm, into a huge dumping site…

I’m an urban designer, but I’m not an Urban Designer

Is there a space for Urban Planners who are designers?

By Mark Bennett (MUP ‘19)

I spent the better part of my first year as a grad student in urban planning clarifying for family and friends whether I was studying urban planning or urban design. To their credit, I am studying planning at a design school…