Issue 02:


Old Beijing in 21st Century Globalized China

By Ina Li (MUP + MPP ’20)

Beijing is a city under constant transformation, from the imperial capital, the communist vanguard, the industrial center, the Olympics city, to the global metropolis today. Each transformation marks the end of a regime, a leadership, and a cultural generation, and the particular mix of ancient and modern…

world map of soybean_Page_2.jpg

The unstable stability of soybean production under capitalism

Analyzing the Energetics of Urbanization in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Angeliki Giannisi, Masters in Architecture I, Harvard

Anne Hudson, Masters in City Planning/Masters in Science in Transportation, MIT

Amidst concerns about the precariousness of both ecological and social sustainability on a global scale, there is a growing demand for an analytical framework that transcends the duality between nature & society and offers a novel and integrated platform from which to understand both…