With the finals fast approaching, many of us are entering the dreaded overtime-crunch-mode phase of the semester. When the world outside is crumbling and you’ve already listened to every episode of This American Life who should accompany you on those last lonely nights?

We got you; THIS LIST will make drawing those 1000 trees much easier:



Fascinating stories behind the seemingly mundane - 99% Invisible  

In depth interviews with an array of characters - Love and Radio

Live storytelling - The Moth



Drive soundtrack  - Electronic music, will make you feel like you’re in a warm place

Atomic Blonde soundtrack  - 80’s music that will definitely keep you awake

Rinse FM  - Escape to London via community radio, you’ll feel 5 hours ahead of schedule!

Last FM - Random playlist - like Pandora, only with more alternative and less familiar music.

Q. How does digital space affect the design of physical space?

Q. What are the steps towards a more diverse profession?

Q. The GSD hosts one of the best urban design and planning programs in the country. Yet, while we may work side-by-side, designers and planners within the GSD rarely work hand-in-hand.

How can we increase cross-disciplinary collaboration at our school? Is this even a desirable goal? 

Q.  Is 'Big Data' relevant to design?

Q. Suggest your favorite architectural video or film!

Q. What is your favorite book or essay?

Q. What non-GSD courses would you recommend?